Plastic Bags Art In New York

This is really great idea, from plastic bags, you can make some amazing art ideas, and photos. These photos from New York can be made only once, and now, these art Bags aren’t on the streets any more. So these photos are on the one side, prototype art photos and ideas.


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This Is How Your Trip Will Be Fun If You Visit New Mexico

New Mexico is one really amazing place to live, if you want to live with smile on your face everyday. This place is full of fun and full of interesting stuff to do. You will love these places in New Mexico, and you will visit them once, some day, this summer, who knows.

Tent Rocks National Monument


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Magnificent Cherry Blossom Photography

There is nothing more beautiful that cherry tree blossom, in it’s full capacity. Pink little flowers all over the thee, and also surrounding the ground under the tree, opium perfume, and fluffiness of the flowers makes you think of spring instantly. Cherry tree is probably the best known tree in the world, and after seeing these amazing nature photography, there will be no doubt why. So, if you like cherry blossom tree, and travel photography, this is the right place for you. Take a look, and enjoy!Magnificent-Cherry-Blossom-Photography1

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The 10 Lakes That Are Begging You To Jump In

If you are looking for some great place to enjoy, than you can travel on one of these. Maybe now isn’t the great time to travel on these places, but you can have them in mind when summer is here. All of them are amazing and beautiful, so all you need to do is to choose some of them and be happy when you swim in them.

1. Jordan Pond, Maine, United States


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The Top 10 Photos Of The Sunrise At The Greenland

There are a lot of magnificent places in our planet, but some of them just leave us breathless. Some places like amazing Greenland. There is something magical about this place. Ice floating all around, sun reflects from it, quiet sea, all of that makes this amazing place even more amazing. Today, we are presenting you some really amazing travel photography. Photographer Jan Erik Waider spent some time at the Greenland, and he took some of the most amazing travel photos of Greenland, while the sun was rising. He said there is something truly magnificent about that place, that he couldn’t make himself look away. So, here are some most amazing travel photos of Greenland for you to enjoy!


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Top 15 Photos Of The Twelve Apostles Rocks

There are so many amazing places and travel sights to see in the entire world, that you cannon just choose one. But, we think we found a place that can easily be on he top of the list –  Twelve Apostles. This amazing coastal cliffs are facing the ocean in the Port Campbell National Park, in the Australian state of Victoria, and they just looks stunning. At different times of day one and the same landscape looks completely different. Rocks are changing the color, and  in the sunset, all of these amazing rock are a fascinating spectacle. Waves crashing against the rocks continually douse their spray, all colors of the rainbow. This is really travel tips you should look into, simply because you want these travel photography and nature photography, burned into your brain. So, if you like travel adventures, this is the place for you. Take a look, and enjoy!

The Twelve Apostles

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The 34 Reasons The Maritimes Is The Best Place On The Planet

The nature is really beautiful and amazing like we that already know. In nature we can find peace, we can relax and enjoy in life! These 34 nature photos will show you why is the Maritimes one of the best places on the planet for vacation and for life too.


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